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    All in One Actuarial Solution to Predict Redemption Costs

    Everything your loyalty program needs to manage and optimize liability and redemption costs.

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    All loyalty programs face the following business issues related to redemption costs:

    Setting Redemption Cost Assumptions
    Programs issue points today, but won't know the actual cost of those points for years. How does a program leader make sound business decisions today without knowing the largest expense of the business model?
    Liability Management
    Accurately estimating future redemption cost on outstanding points is a complex actuarial exercise, particularly with increased uncertainty due to COVID-19.
    Financial Reporting
    Loyalty programs need complex actuarial analytics designed to be in compliance with the accounting standards ASC606 (US) and IFRS15 (International).
    Auditor reviews
    Getting auditors to sign off on the booked liability can be difficult without robust actuarial support to back it up.
    Financial Planning
    The points issued in future months will have a different cost than those issued this month; properly anticipating these changes is critical to building an accurate financial plan.
    Scenario Testing Business Decisions
    It is difficult to predict the impact of business decisions and program strategies on future redemption costs, making it hard make the optimal decision with confidence.
    Cashflow Management
    Maintaining the right level of liquidity to cover anticipated redemption costs is a challenging actuarial prediction, particularly with the added cash constraints due to COVID-19.
    Pricing Points
    Pricing points sold to partners to ensure the right level of profitability is a complex actuarial analysis.
    Predicting Customer Lifetime Value
    Predicted redemption cost is a critical input into customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Before you can accurately predict CLV, you must have accurate redemption cost models.

    Inaccurate Estimates of Redemption Cost Can Have Huge Impacts

    The root of these business issues is the challenge of accurately predicting redemption costs, which is often the single largest expense in a loyalty program business model. Getting it wrong can completely a flip the profitability picture.

    The KYROS Actuarial Platform for
    Predicting Redemption Costs

    Everything you need to predict redemption costs and manage liability with confidence.


    The KYROS Actuarial Platform is even more valuable when used to Predict Customer Lifetime Value

    All loyalty programs have a second actuarial problem: Predicting Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

    Too many stakeholders think that the loyalty program is a cost center, but it actually generates tremendous enterprise value.

    How does a program leader use CLV to prove this to their skeptical finance partners?

    Learn How Kyros Solved It

    Service Plans for Loyalty Programs
    of All Sizes

    Actuarial Roadmap Not sure what you need? Request a Free Actuarial Roadmap. Get Started For Free
    Assessment of your current actuarial practices and assumptions (i.e. Breakage, Ultimate Redemption Rate, Customer Lifetime Value)
    Assessment of your current finance and accounting practices
    A report benchmarking your program to industry best practices
    An actuarial roadmap outlining a plan to address gaps and capitalize on opportunities
    Trial Get started with 3 months access to the trial version of the KYROS Actuarial Platform at an introductory price.
    Unmatched Actuarial Expertise for Loyalty Programs
    Leverage the only firm that solely focuses on actuarial analytics for loyalty programs
    Access to an actuarial partner to answer the wide range of nuanced redemption cost and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) questions that are critical to the management of the program
    Predicting Redemption Costs
    Industry leading actuarial models to predict redemption costs
    Self service online dashboards to monitor and manage redemption costs
    Everything your accountants need to book the liability
    Predicting CLV
    Industry leading actuarial models to predict CLV net of redemption costs
    Link the program performance to the CFO’s view of enterprise value
    Self-service dashboards to monitor and manage CLV
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    Subscription Annual subscription that solves all your actuarial needs.
    Everything in trial, plus… Premium version of the KYROS Actuarial Platform
    Outsourced Actuarial Partner
    A pool of consulting hours to leverage our analytics to optimize performance and help answer the tough business questions that inevitably arise throughout the year
    Complete Liability Management
    Everything you need to be in compliance with accounting standards ASC606 and IFRS15
    All the actuarial support needed for seamless auditor reviews of the balance sheet liability
    Decision Making Tools
    Scenario testing tools to assess impacts of business decisions on redemption costs and CLV
    Financial planning tools to anticipate changes in redemption costs
    Cashflow management tools to manage cashflow and liquidity risk
    Point pricing tools to adequately price points sold to partners
    KYROS Optimizer to uncover opportunities to maximize CLV
    Scored datasets with member level actuarial predictions to supercharge in house analytics
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    Your Actuarial Partner with Unique Expertise

    Trusted by major industry leaders, KYROS is the only actuarial firm in the world that focuses solely on loyalty programs.

    KYROS built sophisticated predictive models to help us test scenarios for significant changes to our global, multi-brand loyalty program. Their niche expertise in loyalty finance is extensive and highly recommended for any loyalty program CFO.

    Andrew Boshoff, CFO, Global Hotel Alliance

    Learning how different enhancements could affect Customer Lifetime Value and program profitability intrigued us. We now look at decisions through a CLV lens to benefit our program and its members.

    Juan Pastrana, CEO, Club Premier, Aeromexico's Frequent Flyer Program

    KYROS expertise in breakage analytics and liability management has been incredibly helpful for us

    Fahad Munif, Samsung Rewards

    In my business, I've maintained a specialty in the area of loyalty program finance and program performance reviews. No one knows liability management better than the team at KYROS.

    Bill Hanifin, CEO and Managing Editor at The Wise Marketer, CEO at Hanifin Loyalty

    Robust liability management forecasting often means the difference between millions made and millions lost. KYROS are leaders in the loyalty finance field.

    Mark Ross-Smith, CEO, Loyalty Data Co & Editor at Travel Data Daily

    The Loyalty Academy continually seeks to add courseware focused on advanced topics in customer engagement and loyalty. We are proud to have partnered with Len Llaguno at Kyros Insights to create these courses.

    Mike Capizzi, Dean of Education, Loyalty Academy, a Wise Marketer product

    KYROS has been instrumental in supporting our clients with highly specialized liability management expertise

    Evert deBoer, Managing Partner, On Point Loyalty

    As actuaries, KYROS are uniquely placed to enable clever liability management that can make a huge difference to the financial impact of a program

    Phil Gunter, Founder, New World Loyalty

    KYROS Insights proven knowledge and expertise in liability planning, evaluation and modeling is an essential service solution that any loyalty program entity should consider employing and over time will realize a more accurate picture to inform P&L.

    David Slavic, Co-Founder, Ascendant Loyalty Marketing

    Mistakes in accounting for the financial impact of liability can sink a rewards program. KYROS' understanding of breakage analytics and liability management can make you a hero.

    Jay Weinberg, Co-Founder, Ascendant Loyalty Marketing

    Trusted by Some of the World’s Largest Programs

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