Loyalty program analytics that benefit
your bottom line

Using sophisticated predictive analytics, Kyros loyalty forecasting solutions
help you manage liability, predict accurate financial returns, and make faster
and more informed decisions.

Our process


Analyze loyalty program data

Our loyalty rewards analysis takes an indepth
look at your program’s transactional
data to analyze member behavior, including
member activity, redemption history, and
earning patterns.

Analyze loyalty program data

Build a predictive model

We build a predictive model that provides
in-depth insight into expected long term
member behavior. The predictive model is
reviewed and finalized with you before your
dashboard is built.

Build a predictive model

Provide a user-friendly dashboard with
ongoing reporting

Our comprehensive dashboard gives you
the data you need to make sound program
decisions. This includes predictive, ROI-driving
insights and actuarial reporting on
program liability for quick auditor sign-off.

Provide a user-friendly dashboard with ongoing reporting

The missing link between loyalty vision and loyalty reality

Get deep customer insight with the ability to predict behavior over the short and long term.

Manage financial liability

Manage financial liability

Make better and faster decisions

Make better and faster decisions

Grow your bottom line

Grow your bottom line