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KYROS and Club Premier

Club Premier, one of the world's largest loyalty programs, was having difficulty correctly estimating their program's breakage. They had a suspicion that breakage might be trending lower and needed to present this position to their shareholders. However, they didn't know how to validate this suspicion — this is where KYROS came in.

Since early 2018, KYROS has provided Club Premier with:

  • Accurate breakage assessment validated by a big four accounting firm
  • Predictive models providing analytics around customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Program education and assistance through workshops and on-sites
  • Direction toward incentivization of high value members
  • Accounting assistance for reporting on breakage

Download our case study to see how KYROS Insights helped Club Premier accurately assess their program's breakage, present it to their shareholders and work toward a CLV-driven program.

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