Credit Card Loyalty Programs

Make intelligent financial decisions across your loyalty and retention programs.

A boon for the financial services

Loyalty incentives such as cash-back offers are enticing for
consumers, with more than half a billion people enrolled in
some type of credit card reward program. The payoff has
been substantial for financial institutions, with consumer
spending more than doubling since the Great Recession.

A boon for the financial services industry

The competition is fierce

Credit card companies continue to offer generous benefits to
entice consumers and fend off the competition. Meanwhile,
interchange fees are under increased scrutiny from
regulators, raising the stakes on credit card providers to
make smart financial decisions and maximize ROI.

The competition is fierce

How Kyros can help

Credit card loyalty programs can have liabilities in the
hundreds of millions to even billions of dollars. Our
predictive analytics solution connects program data with
consumer behavior to help you determine the lifetime value—
and liability—of your customer. We help you uncover
opportunities to improve retention, test new strategies, and
drive more value.

How Kyros can help

Give customers rich benefits, and know that you can afford them

Kyros provides you with valuable consumer insight that enables better financial
decision making.

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