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Maximize your loyalty program ROI

Points, miles and rewards are great for consumers and complicated for brands. Kyros helps companies make intelligent financial predictions to maximize loyalty program returns and manage liability.

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Maximize your loyalty program ROI

Built for Loyalty Program Professionals



Connect the impact of loyalty campaigns to financial results and manage liability across your incentive programs.



Turn creativity into real business solutions.
We give you the data you need to drive the conversions your business wants.



Be confident in your estimates.
Our accurate valuation and documentation lets you close the books with speed and precision.


Measurement of Customer Loyalty and Retention

For loyalty program accounting and finance professionals, it's key to know that you're accurately measuring customer ...

Loyalty Finance Part 3: Seven Tactics to Maximize The Economic Value of Your Loyalty Program

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Loyalty Finance Part 2: Loyalty Programs, a Liability or an Asset?

Loyalty Programs: A Liability or an Asset?

For many accounting professionals, understanding the loyalty program as a ...

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